Visiting Scholar Dr. Keyun Zhang returns to China.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. Keyun Zhang as a visiting scholar in our lab. She has worked on the nematode Oscheius chongmingensis and Steinernema carpocapsae in our lab over the last year. We are currently working on publishing the results of her efforts. We look forward to continuing collaborations between the Dillman and Zhang labs.

Genetics Society of America Early Career Spotlight

Tiffany Baiocchi was the focus of a recent early career spotlight by the Genetics Society of America (GSA).
She serves as a member of the Diversity Subcommittee for the GSA. Tiffany is committed to teaching and mentoring others. She has participated in mentoring 15 undergraduate students in the lab, she is a Science Olympiad coach at Martin Luther King High School, she is a participant in the diversity education program at UCR, and she is an engaged and enthusiastic teaching assistant. She is a key member of the lab and we appreciate all that she does.

Sudarshan’s paper on Mole cricket microbes has been published.

We’re pleased to congratulate Sudarshan Aryal on his hard work investigating the microbes associated with mole crickets. This work was done in collaboration with Derreck Carter-House and Jason Stajich and was recently published in Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. Congratulations!!

Book Chapter Published on Genetic Improvement of EPN

We just published a book chapter in “Entomopathogenic and Slug Parasitic Nematodes,” by CABI press. The chapter is titled “Genetic improvement of entomopathogenic nematodes for enhanced biological control.” Congratulations to Tiffany for her hard work. It only took two years from when we finished writing it to actually seeing it published.

Tiffany Publishes Her Story on Prenol

Congratulations to Tiffany Baiocchi for her recent paper, “Host seeking parasitic nematodes use specific odors to assess host resources.” In this paper she identifies volatile odors that parasitic nematodes use to differentiate between infected and uninfected insect hosts. The lab is proud of her hard work. We published a nice paper today!

Her paper also made the news at UCR:

Undergraduate Researchers Winning Awards

This summer we have several students who have won awards or successfully competed for summer research opportunities.
Kassandra Kin was accepted into the Computational Entomology REU program at UCR and will be continuing her research in our lab over the summer ( Congratulations Kassandra!

Nathan Mercado was accepted into the RISE program at UCR this summer and will be continuing his research in our lab as part of the program ( Congratulations Nathan!

Valentina Alonso was awarded a MARC U STAR award from UCR, which will fund the remaining two years of her bachelor degree at UCR and provide research opportunities this and next summer ( Congratulations Valentina!

Congratulations to Sudarshan Aryal on his New Job!

Postdoctoral researcher Sudarshan Aryal has accepted a position as a Senior Scientist in Nematology at Marrone Bio Innovations. Sudarshan came to work with us after obtaining his PhD in 2015 from the University of Florida, Gainesville. He worked as a postdoc in the Dillman lab for two years. We will miss him but wish him well in his future endeavors. Hopefully we’ll get to catch up with him at the Society of Nematologists Meetings in the future.

Workshop in Israel

Dr. Dillman is participating as an invited keynote lecturer in a BARD workshop on “Chemosensation of Plant- and Insect-Parasitic Nematodes and its Role in Pest Control.” He’s excited to meet new colleagues and catch up with old friends. Other workshop attendees include David Bird, Johnathan Dalzell, Itamar Glazer, Elissa Hallem, and Valerie Williamson, among others. Lots of exciting behavioral work being done.

Lab Members Attend Several Conferences this Summer

Members of our lab will be presenting research at a variety of meetings this summer. First up we have Tiffany Baiocchi and undergraduate Kassandra Kin attending the GSA C. elegans Conference at UCLA at the end of June. Next Dr. Dillman and Dennis Chang will represent the lab at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists in August. Then Dihong Lu and undergraduate Paul Medina will attend the Golden Jubilee Conference of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology in August. We are excited to be interacting with our colleagues at all of these scientific venues and are anxious to see what other labs are working on.