Undergraduate Researchers Winning Awards

This summer we have several students who have won awards or successfully competed for summer research opportunities.
Kassandra Kin was accepted into the Computational Entomology REU program at UCR and will be continuing her research in our lab over the summer (http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~eamonn/REU/). Congratulations Kassandra!

Nathan Mercado was accepted into the RISE program at UCR this summer and will be continuing his research in our lab as part of the program (http://cnasscholars.ucr.edu/RISE.html). Congratulations Nathan!

Valentina Alonso was awarded a MARC U STAR award from UCR, which will fund the remaining two years of her bachelor degree at UCR and provide research opportunities this and next summer (http://marcu.ucr.edu/). Congratulations Valentina!

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