sPLA2 from S. carpocapsae modulates insect immunity

Sophia and Ogadinma led a research project which was just published illustrating that a secreted phospholipase A2 enzyme released from S. carpocapsae modulates insect immunity. The paper also included other members of the lab. This is the third individual protein from S. carpocapsae that we have shown to have immunogenic properties in insects. 

Jake & Sophia Graduate

Sophia Parks and Jacob Schurkman were hooded in a graduation hooding ceremony over the weekend, completing their doctoral studies. Sophia is the 3rd graduate student to graduate from the Dillman lab and Jake is the 4th. Sophia started a postdoctoral position at Stanford in December and Jake begins a fulltime position at Maine Molecular Quality Controls later this year. Congratulations on their hard work and success!!

Study on Parasitic Nematode FAR Proteins published

Sophia’s study on FAR proteins modulating host immunity was published in PLoS Pathogens. This was a collaborative effort with the University of Victoria, UC San Diego, and Naoki Yamanaka’s lab here at UCR. This represents the first paper that we have published on a specific nematode protein effector. It’s also the first published collaboration with Naoki Yamanaka, Omar Akbari, and Marty Boulanger. Hopefully more to come!

Sophia Parks Honored as Stanford Propel Scholar

Graduate student Sophia Parks has accepted a position as a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Manuel Amieva’s lab at Stanford University. In addition, she was selected to be one of the inaugural Propel Scholars, a newly formed Postdoctoral Scholar program at Stanford University’s School of Medicine (https://propel.stanford.edu/scholars/). Sophia begins her postdoctoral appointment in January. 

2019 GSA Drosophila Meeting & Molecular Helminthology Meeting

Sophia & Valentina attended the 60th annual Drosophila Research Conference in Dallas. Adler attended the 2019 Molecular Helminthology conference in San Antonio. We received some positive feedback and new ideas that look forward to working on.